3D Printed Mechatronic Design for Multispectral Camera Mounting Adapter on UAVs

  • Alejandro Castillo Atoche FIUADY
  • Jaime Aviles Viñas
  • Orlando Palma Marrufo
  • José Canto Esquivel
  • José Ramón Atoche Enseñat


Precision agriculture is defined as a set of technologies that optimize the farming with a space-time management of different crop production factors. The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in agriculture is nowadays necessary for crop analysis and manage optimization. In this research work, a mechatronic design of a multispectral (MS) camera mounting adapter is presented. This design integrates a MS Red-Edge camera in an UAV for image data acquisition towards decision making of precision agriculture applications. In addition, an image processing software is implemented for multispectral bands alignment, image analysis and interpretation of crop activities with a friendly human interface.


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